Tuesday, November 20, 2012

good bye baby

Today my Midwifes office informed me that my miscarriage is complete, and my "levels are back to normal". Wow!  This all seems so surreal; indeed I miscarried, I was pregnant-I had not even known I was expecting.    It all started last month when I skipped my period.  Right away I took a test, and it was negative - I figured I was skipping my period because I am still nursing a lot, and I read this can cause irregular periods.  I began what I thought was a period  the following month.  That first day was awful, the pain was worse than any period i'd ever had.  Then I passed 2 very large clots - this was my tip off that I might be miscarrying.  So I called my mid-wife and she sent me for blood tests to confirm my hormone levels.  I was so surprised when they told me I was pregnant!  And I just knew this was it!  The beginning of the end of my time with this child with in me!   This would have been our sixth child - he or she is now in heaven and God willing I will meet that child someday.  I am sure God is trying to teach us something through this- but I do not know what it is.  Was it an answer to my prayer to have another baby - even though I was not totally sure we were ready?  Was it a test? How much do we trust in Him - that He will make up for what we lack?  Well if anything this will get my husband and I to talk about if we are or are not ready for another baby.

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